Sean Wrona

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I attended Cornell University from 2003 to 2008. In high school, I was generally as strong in history classes as in math classes, which probably inspired my choice to major in economics. I was a solid but unspectacular student, making the Dean's List once and carrying a 3.27 average. Since my true passion was collecting and analyzing data, I applied to the Cornell University Master of Professional Studies Program in Applied Statistics (Cornell did not have an undergraduate statistics major). I was accepted and graduated in one year with a 3.26 average. While I was an undergraduate, I did write a couple articles for the Visible Hand economics journal and copy-edited several others, but other than that and a work-study job in the Kroch Library Severinghaus Asian Reading Room, I was not very active on campus, preferring to work on my own projects such as my racing website in my free time. My master's project involved helping Prof. John Bunge estimate species populations using SAS programs. I probably wouldn't have learned what I know now about php and MySQL without my Cornell CS 230 course, which certainly helped me build my racing statistics site, which was my main claim to fame until I entered the competitive typing arena.